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Friday Nov 18th 2022
2 min read

Welcome to my new blog / project / site.

This blog is meant to be the place that I post English content about Web development, PHP, Laravel, 3D-printing and whatever I basically want.

I have vision that I can also share links from community and turn them to external articles so I can spread great articles from other people. I have already opened the submit form to submit links and it needs you to register (free). This is my small way to contribute to other great developers that have great content and get some more views for them!

This blog is made by using Laravel and Livewire. Also backend is done with Filament. Icons are from Heroicons, code highlighting is done with Torchlight and theme colors are inspired by Nord (theme that I use in my editor).

This blog is a place that I try some fun and new things. I try some techniques that may not be necessary for a blog this size but is a fun exercise for me. Sure I could install WordPress, Ghost, Hugo or some other ready made platform. Maybe some day I will transform my finnish WordPress blog to this same codebase...

I will continue to develop this blog and there are many features coming. I will add commenting soon(ish) and I hope to do some notifications and other cool stuff also!

In the meantime that I am coding the comment system you can send me an email: [email protected]


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