My current setup

This is the setup that I am currently using when developing web sites, web apps and other things.

Updated: 4 months ago


  • MacBook Pro
    14 inch with M1 processor and 16 GB of ram.
  • iPhone 15 Pro
    With 128 GB of disk space
  • AirPods Pro
    Second generation AirPods Pro that replaced my handsfree, headphones for teams and music and eadpods.


  • PhpStorm πŸ’Έ IDE
    With Laravel Idea plugin, Nord theme and JetBrains Mono font
  • Visual Studio Code IDE
    With Nord theme and JetBrains Mono font
  • Warp Terminal
    Excellent terminal with way too many tabs open at all times.
  • Raycast Productivity
    At this point I think I could not live without Raycast. I use it all the time for opening apps, previous copy/pastes, Laravel/WP/Tailwind docs etc. etc.
  • Ivory πŸ’Έ Mastodon
    I used Tweetbot so I wanted to support Tapbots and use Ivory while it is in active development and yes it is great Mastodon app for iOS and MacOS.
  • Laravel Herd Webdev
    I used Valet a long time and now I have been trying out Laravel Herd and it seems to be working great and easy to migrate from Valet.
  • 1Password πŸ’Έ Passwords
    I have been managing my passwords for a long time with 1Password. Our company has license so we have our licences and other shared info there also.
  • iCloud Drive πŸ’Έ Files
    I moved away from Dropbox and started using iCloud Drive.
  • Mimestream πŸ’Έ Mail
    Excellent e-mail app if you or your organisation is using Google's mail. Sadly no iOS version (at least yet).


  • Hetzner Servers
    At this time I have moved to use Hetzner for my VPS needs. It has datacenter in Finland so it is a good fit for me.
  • Laravel Forge Servers
    I use this to install and manage servers. For example super easy to make test server that has many sites.
  • Envoyer Servers
    Zero downtime deployments for my production apps.
  • Fastmail Mail
    I have a lots of domains here and I can get customized e-mail for my project easily and it is also great mail to use.
  • UpCloud Servers
    Another great VPS and server provider. I have their S3 type of storage since they offer storage from Finland.


  • Oura Health
    I have been using Oura for mainly tracking my sleep. I think it does great work at that and it is also stylish ring.
  • Spotify Music
    We have Spotify family plan and it has been working great for us.


  • Ooni Koda 16 πŸ•
    One of the best purchases that I have made. My pizza game got so much better with a good oven and it has been reliable way to make pizza. Also pizza tastes so good!
  • Biscotto stone for Ooni πŸ•
    This was ordered from Sweden and it is a different stone than the stock one. It is a bit better and it does not burn the bottom as easily. I have used only it for couple of year now.
  • Pizza peel from Aliexpress πŸ•
    I bought this long before we had reasonable priced peels here in Finland, it still does the job great.
  • Turning peel from Aliexpress πŸ•
    I bought this long before we had reasonable priced peels here in Finland, it still does the job great.
  • Infrared thermometer from Aliexpress πŸ•
    Decent IR thermometer and it needs to be the 490 Β°C variant!
  • Pizza cutter from Aliexpress πŸ•
    Surprisingly nice cutter for the price.
  • Ikea 365+ round glass containen (600ml) πŸ•
    Excellent for proofing pizza balls. Cheap also.
  • Rye pizza dough πŸ•
    One of my most used dough recipe!

Probably forgot something so I will be updating this list.