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Complicated (maybe) way to upload images to S3 with my Laravel app

Monday Aug 14th 2023
7 min read

Well, I have this travel blog called Auringon alla (under the sun in english). Last year I wrote the whole thing with Laravel and we liked it a lot.

Now for this year I needed to make some upgrades and make the image upload process better for user (me and my wife). So here is the complicated (maybe) way that I upload photos and at the end they are stored in S3.


Installing Laravel Herd was a breeze

Wednesday Aug 9th 2023
1 min read

I have been using Laravel Valet for ages now. I noticed that there is a new kid on the block, Laravel Herd.

I decided to start using Laravel Herd since it had simple onboarding and migrating from Valet was an easy job.