Installing Laravel Herd was a breeze

Wednesday Aug 9th 2023
1 min read

I have been using Laravel Valet for ages now. I noticed that there is a new kid on the block, Laravel Herd.

I decided to start using Laravel Herd since it had simple onboarding and migrating from Valet was an easy job.

You can find info about Herd from the website:

Installation was easy and I was almost up and running quite fast. I just needed to run valet stop so valet is not running and then install Herd.

Herd did all the hard parts as in importing settings from Valet to Herd. Easy.

DNSMasq was giving me a harder time since it said port was in use. I found tip from the issue to run sudo brew services stop dnsmasq command and that did the trick.

Other than that everything seems to be working as intented. I use mainly PHP 8.2 so it is all good there.

Only thing is that it does not have Memcached, yet. I found issues about that from the GitHub repo.

Are you using Laravel Herd, if yes, is it working for you?


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